Are YOU a driven woman?

Let’s be honest. Some of us were born to stand out, no matter how hard we try to fit in.

A driven woman attracts attention, whether she’s trying to or not.

She is a leader,  knows her own mind, is willing to make a statement.

A driven woman’s got more energy, passion and purpose than her less ambitious sisters.

And she isn’t wasting time worrying what everyone else is up to.

Have you ever heard that you are…

Too Independant

Too opinionated

Too Strong

Too Direct




Over Achiever


An Alpha Female


 You’re a driven woman. But then you knew that, didn’t you? Someone who was born to make a difference. And maybe shake things up a bit.

Hey, I’m Diann Wingert – confidence coach, former therapist and mentor for driven women. It took me decades to learn how to own my driven nature and really make the most of it.

Now I help others get there a whole lot faster. Grab a spot on my calendar for a free 30-minute convo.

I won’t pitch you or pressure you.

You’re a grown ass woman who knows how to make up her own mind. What I will do is help you see where your drive is serving you and where it might be getting in the way.

And if we both think there’s a good fit, I will let you know how to work with me.

I can’t begin to tell you what a difference these sessions have made for me, both in terms of my relationships and in my confidence in general. I feel equipped with powerful tools.

It’s been an amazing journey, and you’ve been an incredible guide. I really felt like you “got” me and understood my struggles. I’ll be forever grateful for your coaching, Diann.


I loved working with Diann. Her combination of intelligence and straight-shooting candor was awesome and happened to be exactly what I needed and it’s clear that she’s invested in her client’s success.

Diann helped me gain a deeper understanding of the fact that I’m in the driver’s seat and I create my own life.  I became hyper aware of how my default reactions were stopping me from seeing my own strengths and carving out the path forward. The ways she challenges you to look at things differently are effective and transformative.


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